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The CD of "the piano music of Kanako OKAMOTO" (MD3319)
is released by Australian classical music label MOVE. Contents include:

Petite Suite (1-3)
1. The forgotten pond (4'58")
2. The frog (4'18") «click to listen to a sample of this piece.
3. Mists and Statues (6'22") «click to listen to a sample of this piece.
4. Crystal Vision (7'14")
5. La nuit-Hommage à Gustave Moreau (7'13")
6. Sparkle (10'07")
Suite (7-11)
7. Einführung (Introduction) (3'11")
8. Harmonie (Harmony) (6'15")
9. Passus (Passage) (6'11")
10. Verschwommenheit (Dim) (4'37")
11. Leidenschaft (Passion) (5'33") «click to listen to a sample of this piece.

performer: Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)

Kanako OKAMOTO also worked as cover photographer for the Move CD
"The piano music of Mike Nock-In the time of sakura" (MD3314)
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please visit the MOVE website.
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MD3319 MD3314

日本在住の方にはcrystal vision (MD3319)を1枚2.500円にて販売いたします。

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